The FIFA games are some of the most popular obes ever released. If you’ve been clamoring for more information

on FIFA 20, then you’re probably curious about what’s new in the game. They have added quite a bit in order to make this the most realistic FIFA game yet.
Take a look below at some of the new things that you can expect.

Improved Dribbling

One of the largest changes to this year’s game is the improved dribbling. FIFA 20 has taken inspiration from Neymar when

creating the dribbling system for this year’s game.

The dribbling will be more dynamic and players can use it to both avoid tackles and lure players in.

Skill Moves Matter More Than Ever

Skill moves are going to matter more than ever in FIFA 20. The way that the new dribbling system works allows for more one-on-one situations.

This puts a greater emphasis on skill moves and is sure to help create many fantastic gameplay moments.

Greater Realism

The greater realism of FIFA 20 is an important part of the experience.This is going to be the most realistic FIFA game yet

and one of the reasons why is ball physics. you’ll be able to enjoy a proper bouncy ball that behaves the way that you would expect it to.

Combine this with better tackle animations and improved Al to get the best FIFA game yet.