Whether you’re a veteran of all things Call of Duty or have somehow managed to avoid playing any of the games in this iconic series over the past decade and a half, Call of Duty: WWII is a significant and much-admired addition to the legendary Activision franchise that you ought to know about.

But why should you be looking to pick up a copy of Call of Duty: WWII for Xbox One or PlayStation 4?

First of all… it takes the series back to its roots

The very first Call of Duty was released back in 2003, and simulated the infantry and combined arms warfare of World War II. Its immediate sequels were also set primarily in WWII, only for more recent titles – such as Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – to use modern or even futuristic backdrops.

In fact, despite Call of Duty: WWII for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 being the 14th main instalment in the Call of Duty series, it is the first game in the series to be primarily set in WWII since 2008’s Call of Duty: World at War.

To an extent, then, Call of Duty: WWII represents a return to the series’ roots. The focus is on the European theatre, specifically a squad in the 1st Infantry Division, after its battles on the Western Front and largely during the historical events of Operation Overlord.


So, is the latest Call of Duty one that you need to have?

The short answer is yes. Since Call of Duty: WWII’s release in November 2017, the critics have been raving about such aspects as its WWII focus, story, visuals, multiplayer, Zombie mode and the combat support of squad members and return of the health bar in single-player.

Miguel Concepcion wrote for GameSpot, for example, that the series’ “long-awaited return to its World War II roots is not only a homecoming, but also a commemoration of the powerful bonds that form between brothers in arms.”

Meanwhile, Den of Geek’s Riyad Emeran said the game “definitely signals a return to form for the franchise, especially in terms of the single player campaign experience.”

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