2019 has been quite an exciting year for video games so far, and we’re not even done yet.


With a couple of months still left to go, 2019 has more premiere titles ahead of us, as well as potential sleeper hits that could easily make this year the best of this current generation of consoles yet. 


That’s a tall claim, but certainly not one without merit. 


To help provide that this is the case, we rounded up some of the best up coming video games in September 2019, starting with the three biggest and most anticipated titles up for release. 

Platforms: PlayStation 4 / Xbox One


Adding what’s easily an entire game’s worth of additional content to Monster Hunter World, the game’s expansion, Iceborne, has gamers tethering on the edge of their seats as they wait for its September 6 release.

We’re talking about more locations, monsters, weapons, and loot, among others. This pretty much means there’s going to be even more reasons to sink even more hours into the game once Iceborne releases.  


Monster Hunter World was already Capcom’s best-selling game by far. Iceborne is going to set the bar even higher. 

Gears 5 — September 10

Platforms: Xbox One / Microsoft Windows 


After coming up with pretty much zero must-buy console-exclusive content for this generation, Microsoft seems to have finally got things right with the Gears 5. 


Of course, we can’t really say for sure if it’s a home-run yet. But, judging from the early and limited hands-on reviews that a select few have released since Gears 5 was announced, people seem to be rather pleased with how everything has turned out so far. 


As for what we know so far about Gears 5, it’s that it’s going to feature an entirely new campaign that Microsoft is trying to keep under wraps until the game’s release. Plus, there’s a whole new set of game modes too, like the “Escape” and “Arcade” multiplayer modes, as well as a couple of returning ones like “Horde” mode. 


And oh, Gears 5 is also doing away with the loot box model — all maps will be free!

Borderlands 3 — September 13

Platforms: PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / Microsoft Windows / Google Stadia 




That’s one way of describing Borderlands 3. 


The previous titles in then Borderlands franchise have all been equally memorable in their own ways, each coming with its fair share of personality and pizzazz. But, Borderlands 3 takes that to a whole other level. 


Adding more layers of customisation than ever before, Borderlands 3 lets players customise their playing experience to their likings. Plus, there’s multiple planets, and even systems this time around, each coming with their own unique set of enemies, as well as scenery.


To put simply, Borderlands 3 sounds like what every fan of the franchise has ever wanted in a Borderlands game. 

Honourable Mentions:


  • Catherine: Full Body — September 3
  • NBA 2K20 — September 6
  • GRID (2019) — September 13
  • Lego: Jurassic World — September 17
  • Link’s Awakening — September 20
  • The Surge 2 — September 24
  • FIFA 20 — September 27