If you are a video game freak like me, you must have come across a confusion of whether to choose a gaming console or a PC for playing video game, right? I recently purchased a gaming console as I was impressed by the consoles more than I was with the PC games. And, if you too are about to purchase a game, then like me, you must also be facing the same dilemma: choose a PC or gaming console? Well, if I talk about myself, then I would say that I am completely satisfied or rather I would say more than happy with my purchase, which is why I have written down points to tell you what I found better in gaming consoles.

Consoles are simple, easy to use and inexpensive
What I loved about console games, be it the Xbox One Video Games or the PS4 Video Games is the fact that these are pretty easy to set up and maintain. If you can’t control your excitement on seeing your new console, then you have got all the more reasons to be happy as the console gaming can start minutes after you remove the system from the box.

There is no need to upgrade the hardware
Buy PS4 Video game or Xbox One Video game and forget about obsolete hardware components. Yes! PC may require upgrades as PC games advance, but the same is not the case with consoles, which are built with necessary system requirements. However, I would also like to mention that with the release of new consoles, the risk of old consoles not being supported for new games is there. But usually, the manufacturers don’t release the next version until the earlier completes 5 years in the market.

Wireless controllers
This point is my personal favourite. I like to play with wireless controllers as they allow for more active play. And, many consoles also have games that require more of physical activity and skills.
So my vote goes for gaming consoles. I am truly in love with my purchase and so would suggest you the same. Go for it guys! Buy PS4 Video game or Xbox One Video game and let the fun begin.