O2 10GB Pay As You Go SIM Card


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The advantage with Data Big Bundles is that they’re completely contract-free. When you’ve topped up, we’ll automatically swap your credit for your Big Bundle, which will last for one month. Top up again to get the same next month. Plus, any data you’ve not used will roll over. Your shiny SIM pack will include instructions on how to top up. As soon as you have topped up, your SIM will be ready to use. Exchange your £20 monthly top up for 10GB data and unlimited minutes and texts. Allowance valid for a month.

Data Roll Over – Your leftover data carries over to the next month, so long as you’ve topped up.

Priority- Download the Priority app for invited to live experiences and perks every day.

O2 Rewards- Get up to 10% of your top-ups back, every three months with O2 Rewards.

For standard, micro & nano SIMs.

  • Voice SIM.
  • EAN: 5013742506407.


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