It’s understandable that when you’ve built up a big games collection, you might be a little hesitant to give up any of them – even if there’s a chance to make money by selling them. After all, you never know when you’ll want to reach for that great game again.

The reality, though, is that games do differ a little from music CDs or vinyl records, in that you might not actually feel any compelling reason to return to playing a particular game regularly.

Sure, you might dabble in that much-loved game from years ago for old time’s sake. But if it’s only occasionally – rather than the constant play you’re still giving to your old Prince and Bowie records – why not trade in games to our friendly team here at G14mes?

After all, there are more than a few great reasons to do so

The obvious reason to trade in games is to make money. Sure, we won’t pretend that you’ll get rich just by selling your old games (unless you really do own a games collection as large as one of Sir Richard Branson’s islands). But those few quid you make from just a couple of old games could be more than enough to make that exciting new game affordable.

We’re specifically on the lookout for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games here at G14mes, which brings us onto another important point: these consoles have both been around for a while now, but are also yet to be replaced by Sony and Microsoft.

This means that all of those old games you bought alongside your console three or four years ago – but which you haven’t touched for a while – may still be worth enough to be well worth selling to an online store like ours. As soon as the successors to these consoles arrive, you may find it much harder to shift your old and unwanted PS4 and Xbox One games, so we would advise you to trade them in now.

Don’t trade in games to any other retailer

We’re proud to be able to offer competitive prices for old Xbox One and PS4 titles here at G14mes. What’s more, you can learn straight away how much you could make, simply by filling in and submitting the short request form on our website.

So, why not get sifting through your old games collection today, and see which ones would be best-appreciated in someone else’s hands? Trade in games to G14mes today, and you could soon have enough cash for your next big gaming purchase.