A couple of years ago, it didn’t take much to get the proverbial ball rolling on YouTube. You could just upload a video, add a few tags, published it, and voila, that’s it. 

These days, things aren’t so simple anymore. 

As a direct result of videos becoming the modern audiences’ preferred form of consuming content, getting people to view your videos on YouTube has become much easier said than done. The increased number of competition, paired with YouTube’s own changes to its algorithm, has made it necessary for those interested in making it big on YouTube to adapt, evolve, and use multiple tactics and strategies. 

YouTube SEO is one of them. 

Unlike other methods, however, mastering YouTube SEO is key to getting your videos in front of as many eyes as possible on YouTube. 

#1 Tip — Quality content and production value is everything

You can encourage people to subscribe to your videos all you want, tell them to comment, interact and reply to them, as well as optimize your tags and title, but doing all of that is pointless and won’t serve to put your YouTube videos, and channel, on the proverbial map if your content and production value needs some serious work.

Remember, SEO is less about optimizing content for the search engines as it is more about optimizing your content for users. 

So, what does this mean?

Video quality and production value should be on top of your priority. 

Now, we get that pro-level studio setups aren’t cheap, and not everyone can afford them. But, we’re not telling you to invest on them right away. Instead, what we’re trying to say here is that your production value and content quality should at least be on par with what other channels are offering if not better. 

Even if you only have your smartphone available — truth be told, today’s smartphones are plenty capable of shooting quality video content — you can do a lot in terms of improving video quality. 

You can also make a couple of investments to help improve production quality as well, including buying a tripod, a backdrop, and a microphone.

These days, you can do a lot with just $100 worth of audio and video equipment, your smartphone, and a creative mind. But, don’t let us tell you that. Instead, let your increased search traffic show you just how important production value and content quality are.