Do you remember when video games were hyped in much the same way as movies? They
had big video trailer, months of sneak peeks, and release date that made gamers
everywhere salivate.What’s really interesting is that this model is quickly changing and we
have now entered a phase where game companies offer their customers a service.

How Does it Work?

Gaming platforms such as steam, have proven beyond a doubt that gamers are willing to sign up
droves to a single online platform to enjoy access to hundred of games, with many of them being
provided for free.Rather than a game company shelling out thousands of dollars in big advertising campaigns
and billboards,they are now tying customers into a single platform.

Microsoft,Google, NVidia, and other have created their own ongoing gaming platforms.All subscriber receive news
of upcoming games and can access them for a fee.In this context it’s all about retaining as many platform
subscribers as possible, rather than treating each new game release as a separate event that need to be hyped.

How Do the Game Companies Benefit?

So, how does this Youtube-like subscription service benefit the gamers and major players in the industry? Consider the following:

  • In return for an ongoing fee,subscribers get immediate access to games they love, rather than having to wait for the hype to end
  • The companies have a base of in-built customers who effectively provide them with an ongoing revenue stream
  • The companies save money on advertising through traditional channels because they don’t need to go searching for customers

In these ways,the face of marketing games has changed and it has provided companies with a more secure
revenue stream in a volatile economy and players with more efficient access to the games they love.