It’s been quite the FIFA World Cup so far, hasn’t it? We’ve certainly had a fair few shocks already, ranging from the hosts’ 5-0 trouncing of Saudi Arabia on the tournament’s opening day, to the defending champions Germany losing to Mexico and Lionel Messi’s penalty miss for Argentina against Iceland. Nor have England had the easiest time of it, having to leave it late to clinch victory over the Tunisians thanks to ‘captain fantastic’, Harry Kane’s stoppage-time header.

We can’t exactly blame you, then, for wanting to get in on some of the competitive action yourself, beyond merely putting up flags in your windows or cheering on your team on TV.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit late to start a professional football career to attract the attention of your country’s national team manager for this World Cup. However, you do have the much cheaper and quicker option of picking up a copy of FIFA 18 for your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, right here at G14mes…

Why is FIFA 18 one of the top football simulation games right now?

FIFA 18 was released last September, as the latest instalment in the perennially popular FIFA series of games developed and published by Electronic Arts. As you might expect from the official FIFA game, it features all of the top players that you will be familiar with, not least Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo, who takes pride of place on the cover.

The game also uses the Frostbite game engine and Real Player Motion Technology, all of which helps to take you even closer to the feeling of actually playing ‘The Beautiful Game’ from the comfort of your sofa.

Such ingredients have enabled the game to attract rave reviews, not least from’s Paul Tamburro, who declared it “a true return to form that is undoubtedly one of the best FIFAs yet.”

But there’s a little something else that you ought to know…

As if the ‘standard’ FIFA 18 wasn’t enthralling enough, on 29th May, a free content update was issued to enable players to immerse themselves in the complete authentic experience of the FIFA World Cup in Russia. The teams, stadia and more are all accurately represented in this update, which even gives you the ability to build your dream international squad through the Ultimate Team mode.

Such updates are just one more reason to search the G14mes site for the latest FIFA Xbox One games, including FIFA 18, so that you can enjoy the most faithful emulation of this great sport – even when there isn’t a FIFA World Cup to get excited about.